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Rocker deliver in Duisburg mass brawl
14.02.2013 | 14:52 clock
Rocker deliver in Duisburg mass brawl


In June 2012, invited the Dutch Motorcycle Club Satudarah to the opening of his Chapters in Duisburg Rheinhausen. Near the club house, there was now a brawl
Duisburg. About 25 of the rocker motorcycle club Satudarah met on Wednesday in their district Duisburg. Their scouts discovered in a gambling hall next ten feuding Hells Angel “civil”. Shortly after beating 20 Rocker. The police confiscated weapons safely and arrested three men.

They went at each other with snow sliders: On Wednesday night, have about 20 members of rival biker gangs Hells Angels and Satudarah beaten in Duisburg Rheinhausen. The police moved in with a large contingent, controlled 35 Rocker and took three on charges of weapons possession. Authorities did not confirm the media reports, however, that it did on Wednesday night also prevents an attack by expanding Satudarah rockers on the Düsseldorf Hells Angels.

Back to Rheinhausen: At the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse there is the quarter of Germany’s first, opened in June 2012 Satudarah-Chapters “Clown Town”. A native of the Netherlands Association had charged there on Wednesday night at a club night, about 25 Rocker came. The vicinity of the “home club” observed during the meeting Satudarah Scout: Because the meeting had spread in the currently very dynamic environment and the rocker group probably figured with warring rockers in “their territory”. The watchdogs in any case discovered near the Satudarah-quarters about ten Hells Angels.

In Duisburg have overlapping home ranges of Hells Angels and Bandidos. Rheinhausen hell angels and the  MC Satudarah are even neighbors. After the murder of Bandidos “Eschli” and mass brawls in the city Duisburg is considered particularly important difference. Make a statement with hindsight.

The warring hell angel visited a gambling hall at the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse – without, however, usually so proud to wear their robes raised. Against 21 o clock “is then about ten men from the neighborhood Satudarah-out and cross the road to go arcade,” says police spokesman Stefan Hausch. His colleague was only a few minutes later with a large contingent on site – scene experts from the police knew club night – could a slugfest in front of the game room and prevent it.
Chase ended with the arrest and ads

The rocker went with mace, baseball bats, knives and snow slides at each other. Numerous police officers rushed to the scene, however, prematurely ended the brawl. Towards them, none of the participants reported as injured. The officials were not directly affected the weapons lying on the ground and the abused, as such objects clearly assigned. They took the identities of the men in front of the game room and the clubhouse.

Two Hells Angels were still trying to escape the police in a car: After a short chase slowed down a patrol car from their getaway vehicle: In the car, the police officers found tear gas spray, a knife and a gun to blow converted jack. The police arrested the two occupants and a third rocker also again with the Bureau “was searched because of a threat with a warrant” The Satudarah member, a 25-year Duisburg so Hausch. Behind bars, he had not, however: He paid a fine. Meanwhile, he and the Hells Angels are on the loose. The lawyers of the two had rushed shortly after the arrest to the police station. Their client men now violations of gun laws are accused.

Spiegel Online reported that the police had also been prevented “the evident intention of some rockers”, yet on Wednesday night to attack the Düsseldorf Hells Angels. The police did not confirm this on Wednesday. According to the information of the news portal in Rheinhausen controlled or arrested Hells Angels are among those who had defected in December in Krefeld of the Bandidos to the competition.

After a mass brawl between Hells Angels and Bandidos in Mönchengladbach early 2012 increased the pressure on the police and criminal rockers the Rhine and Ruhr. Several Chapter were banned. According to the investigators, the biker gangs financed by organized crime.

Even on Christmas day, the police had evidence of a looming confrontation in Duisburg Rocker milieu. Forces from several cities and the use of controlled Rocker hundred meetings in linksrheinischen Rheinhausen and bars in the red light district of the Volcanoes There wanted Satudarah members probably attack Hells Angels. That between the new arrivals from the Netherlands and the Hells Angels give in Duisburg conflicts is that police feared even before its official press conference in June 2012. Apparently rightly, quickly highlighted a war