Once again, the Highwaymen MC outdid themselves and hosted a great Winter Blowout on Saturday, February 9, at the Silverado Inn in Herkimer, New York. Despite Winter Storm Nemo’s arrival throughout the Northeast the night before, many came out to combat cabin fever and show their support for this club, steeped in tradition with “old-school” members, who happen to have several beautiful women behind them. The food, as always, was delicious, which is a testament to those beautiful women mentioned above, who work hard before, during, and after every Highwaymen party to be sure the food is plentiful and that everyone enjoys their meal. Music was provided by the Curtiss Road Blues Band, a band I am told played at one of the MC senior member’s wedding 30 years ago! This band rocked the Silverado and was a pleasure to listen to as guests mingled with friends and family.

Lars Tetens, a well-known entrepreneur and old friend of Hank McGrath, was in Herkimer to offer his support of the Highwaymen. Hank also issued Presidential Service Awards to the following people for their volunteer work in the community and the American biker culture: Steve Maley, Lars Tetens, Harold Bryant, Lisa Petrocelli, and Curt Byrnes, and the crowd congratulated all recipients. Members of Hold Our Own Destiny MC from Schenectady, New York, came to show their support and continue to try bridging the gap between sport bike and Harley riders. Their attendance was very much appreciated and respected. The association between the Highwaymen MC and the members of HOOD MC was born from their mutual collaboration with Bikers Against Discrimination and the launch of the American Biker Culture Law Library and Resource Center in Ilion, NY, back in October, and subsequent reception at the Highwaymen MC clubhouse following that ceremony. The Highwaymen not only hold celebrations with their brothers from other chapters and other motorcycle clubs, but as outlined in these examples, a lot of history tends to happen at Highwaymen events. Supporting each other throughout the year is an essential dimension to the success of the biker and motorcycle club culture.

The motorcycle clubs throughout New York State have many fine models to emulate, and the Highwaymen MC is indeed at the top of that list. The biker community is fortunate to have these men in our midst. Keep your eyes on this Examiner page for information about the Highwaymen MC 36th Anniversary Celebration this August 17, 2013!